12pk, classic 330ml tinnies
5% ABV

Sessionable and award winning Rudi's Lager is a super clean and crisp New World style Lager containing Dr Rudi hops (named after the man himself). The addition of Nelson Sauvin hops ensure the profile of this easy drinking lager has character that finds balance between a firm slap to the face and warm embrace. Thirst quenching, bloody refreshing and conveniently packed into a 12 pack mini slab, we think you’ll find Rudi's Lager fitting for all occasions, that’s right every single occasion.

6pk, classic 330ml tinnies
4.7% ABV

Don’t let the harmonious blend of citrus, pine and floral aromas fool you, this beer is a beer brewed to be a beer lover’s beer. With a malty profile and a triplet of American Hops, this APA is more American than America itself.
Served up in a 6-pack as a more considered option for the more considered individual, our APA is suitably fitting for all occasions.

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