Thank goodness for Rudi.

Way back in the 50’s, the survival of New Zealand’s booming hop industry hung in the balance with the widespread presence of a disease ominously named Black Root Rot.

One man made it his mission to eradicate the deadly soil disease for good. That man was Dutch born plant scientist Dr Rudi Roborgh.

Long story short, Dr Rudi went on to develop many new varieties of hops that were resistant to the disease. One of the hops was called the “Dr Rudi Super Alpha” which was the world’s first seedless, commercial hop plant. It (and the many other hops he developed) is still used (and are used) in beers all around the world to this day.

Due to his world beating (and some might say ‘life saving’) actions, Dr Rudi would go on to become known as The Godfather of New Zealand Hops. Thank you Rudi!

To tip our hat, raise our glass and celebrate the man that was Dr Rudi, one of his grandsons and a few of his mates decided to set up a brewery and brew some beer. And just like that, Rudi’s Beer were born.

Enlisting the help of German Braumeister Alex Biederman, the lads have set about brewing beers that are true to the values of Dr Rudi himself. Classy, uncomplicated and world beating. We brew beer for drinking


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